Winrome Capital holds an Australian Credit Licence and is accredited with all of the major banks as well as a number of leading non-bank property financiers.

The Winrome Capital team has a wealth of experience specialising in all facets of property and development finance, including construction funding and land banks. We can also assist in facilitating mezzanine finance and private equity placement where required.

We specialise in the structuring of complex property finance transactions that are beyond the scope of normal mortgage brokers. Together with our strategic partners we have the expertise to structure your project to give it the best possible opportunity to raise the funds required. Through our extensive network of lenders and investors we are uniquely equipped to offer our property developer clients an end to end solution to their funding needs. This process includes (where required)

  • Initial project assessment and feasibility
  • Due Diligence process
  • Development of value add strategies and structure
  • Project management
  • Project Funding
  • Ongoing management

Our Market Segment

The GFC has resulted in tighter lending practices on the part of banks and with this the supply of funds for developers from traditional sources has dried up. Some second tier lenders have entirely ceased to fund property developments in Western Australia.

This has provided an opportunity for lenders and Winrome Capital provides a vehicle for investors to participate in superior returns from loans to property developers secured by
real estate.

Our funding arrangements include:

  • Traditional Senior Bank Funding
  • Commercial Property Finance from private institutions
  • Private investor funding
  • Subordinated Loans (Mezzanine Loans)
  • Preferred Equity arrangements


Laurie Winton

Over 25 years’ experience in property banking, financial markets and finance broking including roles in Institutional, Corporate and Property Banking for major Australian banks. Laurie is a specialist in business development, origination and sales utilising well established relationships and networks. Laurie’s property banking roles include responsibility for several complex residential and commercial projects with Total Development Costs up to $100million.

Bruno Romeo

Over 30 years’ experience in the financial services and managed investments industries, including senior management and consulting roles in internal audit, compliance, product development, credit management and loan origination. Bruno has dealt with various capital raising structures including listed and unlisted trusts, debenture and note issues and partnerships. Bruno has been involved in loan origination and securitisation programs of over $1billion and overseen the management of a $500million loan portfolio.


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