Every development project is unique with varying requirements to ensure it is successful. We work with all of the major Australian banks and non-bank lenders to seek and negotiate the most appropriate finance solution that is best suited to your project needs.

We will arrange finance for residential developments, mixed retail, office, industrial, bulky goods, shopping centres, and accommodation assets. Typically our finance offers:

  • Flexible solutions for every project
  • Competitive interest rates on Standard Development & Construction Loans
  • Equity/Mezzanine Development Funding
  • Joint Venture Funding
  • Development & Construction Loan up to 70% of Gross Realisable Value
  • Borrow up to 80% of Total Development Costs
  • Non-recourse available (for lower geared transactions)
  • Presale not always required

Types of Investment

In addition to external bank funding, we also provide private funding arrangements where the requirements of the project do not suit typical bank finance on offer. We are able to arrange private finance for property developers and investors for residential, commercial and industrial property developments which meet an agreed eligibility criteria. As a guide we target opportunities that;

  • Are of a short term nature, generally 6 to 12 months
  • Provide registered mortgage security
  • Include bridging finance secured by property
  • Include mezzanine finance secured by a second mortgage
  • Are construction and refinance acceptable

As an example typically transactions may include;

  • Loan to a developer to help secure a development site
  • Mezzanine type loan (second mortgage) to assist with the completion of a development
  • Interim loan to a developer while working up pre-sales for senior funder

Eligibility Criteria and Benchmarks

When considering whether a lending proposal is suitable to be offered to investors we will ensure that the following eligibility criteria are met where appropriate.

  • Loan amount not to exceed 85% of Total Development Costs and 70% of gross realisations
  • Secured by a registered first or second mortgage
  • Clearly defined exit strategy either through pre-sales or senior bank debt
  • Well-credentialed developer with a clear credit history and track record
  • Properly vetted development feasibility showing a minimum return of 20% on project costs


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