Vision is not reliant
on the landscape it
requires perspective.

Making the complex simply work is how we differ.


Winrome Capital’s success as a property and development funding specialist is a result of our ability to add value to our client’s developments by providing creative solutions across all facets of the funding process.

Whether it is procuring senior or mezzanine debt, equity, or a combination of all three, Winrome Capital’s deep understanding of structuring development funding delivers the best outcomes for our client’s projects.

People want relationships
in business that are based
on authenticity.


Winrome capital is a privately owned provider of funding solutions and project management to the residential and commercial property development sectors across Australia.

Through our extensive networks of lenders and investors we are uniquely equipped to offer our clients an end to end solution to their project funding needs.

We assist our clients in structuring their funding to maximise efficiency and profit. We analyse the project feasibility and cash flows and recommend how key project ratios, funding breakdowns, choice of builder, selecting the right funding partner and other key metrics can be optimised to achieve the best funding outcome. We will recommend the optimal mix of funding using Senior Debt, Mezzanine Debt, Stretch Senior Debt and Equity and, if required, source all or part of that funding on behalf of the client using our Bank, Institutional and private funding networks.

Winrome Capital has, together with its key project partners, completed a number of successful residential property projects on behalf of investors.
Processes we manage include, but are not limited to:

  • Site identification, vendor negotiations and due diligence process.
  • Planning approval.
  • Project funding and administration.
  • Contractor and Consultant relationships.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Meeting all government reporting obligations.

To date our projects have achieved average weighted returns on investor equity of 20% or more, on an annualised basis.

We procure funding facilities for existing or recently completed buildings. These include residual stock loans for residential apartment projects and short or long term loans for commercial and industrial buildings.

Major Banks and NBFI’s are reluctant to fund property developers for the acquisition of development land (commonly called landbank funding) that is not spade ready ie, still requires zoning changes and/or development approvals. They will generally not fund landbank proposals unless the project, either lot subdivisions or built form (units or office space), is within 8-10 weeks of commencing construction.

This has created a unique opportunity for private investors to invest in loans, direct to developers, which are secured by 1st ranking mortgages. Loans are to experienced developers for high quality sites in the metropolitan area of capital and major regional cities.  Depending on the individual security property, and the subsequent risk profile the loans will be between 55%-70% of the value of the property.

Investors choose the loans that they invest in.

Loan terms are generally between 9-24 months with interest paid monthly, by the borrower, direct to the lender. Currently loans are returning yields from 8.95%p.a.

Although the risks around each loan will differ our due diligence process has a strong focus on:

  • the character and experience of the borrower;
  • the “as is” value of the property; and
  • how the loan will be repaid.


Our aim is to create long term relationships with our clients by demonstrating our commitment to add value to their business. We do this through transparency, collaboration and communication.


Real people with genuine care in providing positive, as well as profitable, outcomes for our clients

Laurie Winton

Laurie has over 35 years’ experience in the Australian Banking and Finance Industries culminating in Senior Managerial roles in the NAB & St George Bank, predominantly in the property banking sector specialising in all aspects of development finance.

Laurie holds a Diploma in Financial Services and Diploma in Finance Broking & Mortgage Management.

Mob. – 0412 532 499

Bruno Romeo

Bruno has over 35 years’ experience in business services, funds management and commercial lending including senior positions at Perpetual Trustees and Great Southern.  Bruno has a strong emphasis in credit analysis, deal structuring and compliance.

Bruno holds a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma in Finance Broking & Mortgage Management.

Mob. – 0419 045 651

Graeme Perich

Graeme is responsible for the operations and management of investor mortgages, client relationship management and compliance.

Graeme has over 35 years of experience in the banking and finance industries, including senior positions with responsibility for credit policy, training and development and compliance and reporting.

Mob. – 0404 628 950

Thomas Edison believed there was always a better way to do things, you just needed to find it.

Now that is clever thinking.


These are some of the projects we have successfully funded and/or managed in partnership with our clients

The Winrome Capital team has a wealth of experience specialising in all facets of property and development finance, including construction funding and land banks. We can also assist in facilitating mezzanine finance and private equity placement where required.