The Winrome Contributory Mortgage Loan Series provides Wholesale and Sophisticated investors the opportunity to receive monthly income at above bank deposit rates whilst assisting our developer partners to obtain funding for the acquisition and/or development of property assets.

The Winrome Contributory Mortgage Loan Series is a series of individual Contributory Loans (CL) to mostly, but not exclusively, property developers. Investors can register their interest in participating by sending an email to and we will place you on our mailing list.

As suitable investment opportunities become available we will send a brief overview for investors to consider. If the investment opportunity is of interest the investor can then request a more detailed Contributory Mortgage Proposal (CMP) which is read in conjunction with our Information Memorandum (IM).

The CMP will provide investors information about the CL including details about the borrower, loan term, interest rate, property, development, security and special risks. Investors can participate by directly investing in the CL. Loans will be secured by either a first and/or second registered mortgage over the property with further security taken as deemed prudent.

The Winrome Contributory Mortgage Loan Series allows Wholesale and Sophisticated investors to invest directly in loans secured by mortgages over real property with the benefit of the services of a highly qualified and experienced loan origination and management team.

Winrome Capital is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 431879 of AFSL 224107